For Sale - PR - 3134 - Face Mask with Silver Particles for COVID Protection


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PR - 3134


Face Mask with Silver Particles for COVID Protection



Product Details

Double Layer Protection With Silver Guard Community Mask

Nano-Particle Free:-
Silver Guard Masks are made from the fabric in which the yarns are permanently bonded with silver for the life time of the product.
Therefore, the silver is not worn off easily like nano silver particles . Consequently, the risk for health and environment is reduced significantly.
Silver yarns maintains ion release even after 100 washes.

No Chemicals Applied:-
Silver Guard Masks are free from any kind of chemical application or finishes.
This safeguards the user in not inhaling any toxic chemicals.

Double Layer Visible Protection:-
Silver Guard Masks consists of 2 layers of performance medical textile.
Outer layer is a polyester fabric having lines of silver filament yarn.
It releases positively charged silver ions continuously.
This action prevents bacterial and viral colony formation on the surface.
The outer layer barrier helps in resists to liquid splashes that can pass through.
The inner layer, proximal to face is soft cotton fabric which is woven by staples of silver infused into polymers.
This layer prevents formation of bacteria that leads to bad odor.
It gives a constant feeling of freshness for the user.
This layer also plays a second level to guard off pathogens that was not filtered in the outer layer.

Dual Chamber Super Fit Design:-
Silver Guard masks are designed to give maximum protection, while being comfortable and considering the fashion trends.
Unique mid-saggital pipe in the middle of the mask provides additional strength and further reduces risk of transmission.
The thick pipe inside is sown with a technique that eliminates the needle hole and seals the each halves.
BFE tests show 98% bacterial filtration efficiency.
Two halves connected with a mid-saggital sewing allows the best fit for the human face.
The edges are sown over the pipe for added strength.

Sustainable and Environment Friendly:-
It is cost effective! It can be washed 30 times while maintaining the anti-bacterial effectiveness and viral filtration.
Disposable masks pose unbearable risks for environment.
Single-use mask garbage mountains grow higher everyday. Polypropylene based disposable mask takes 2-4 years to degrade in the nature.
Using fabric mask with required properties and certification will help sustainable economy and environment and, most important, can be recycled back as textiles!

Twines Retail, Twines Textile, and Twines Med are group companies. We produce silver yarns and fabrics last 16 years.

Silver Guard 2 Layer Protection from Viruses:-

Silver Guard Anti Bacterial Face Masks are manufactured as 2 ply and 3 ply forms.
Silver Guard Masks are washable community mask that keeps microbes away.
We use high quality fabrics made from cotton, polyester or their combinations.
Our fabrics include silver eleventh, which is an effective biocid.
Silver is highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Wash before use.
Maintains anti-bacterial feature up to 50 washes
Don’t use sulfur ingredient detergents
Replace with a new/washed one , if you need to use more than 2 hours.
Wash at 40 C° with a detergent in the washing machine or with soap by hand.
Anti-Static Feature
Maintain social distancing , no masks can protect you better.
Anti-Virus tests are in progress.