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RM - 5347



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Odour Remover Masterbatch
White to Off White Powder
Moisture:-3% Max
Melting Temp:-80 °C
pH Value:-6 – 7.5
Storage Condition:-In normal Temp.
Recommended Usage:-Deodorizer for Plastics
Dosage:-0.2 – 0.5 % in mixture(Dosage depends on the application and specific formulation in use, as well as on the required performance)

During plastics processing, additives, plasticizers and flame retardants are used. These additives,and sometimes the polymers, exude unwanted odours in finished products, limiting theirapplications. Odour absorbers absorb unwanted odours within the materials.
It has excellent Odour absorbing properties which means that it traps the malodour not allowingit to be perceived by the human nose. Its react on a molecular level to neutralize odors withoutrelying on chemicals.
It is Effective for both organic and inorganic odors.
It is Safe for humans and animals.
It is Safe for the environment, nontoxic.

It is especially suitable for all polymer, masterbatches and compounds, rubber compounds and recycled material.
It can be easily dry blended before compounding or directly fed on the extrusion line.

Storage and processing recommendation:
The product can be stored in sealed original package at room temperatures for at least 12 months after dateof delivery