For Sale - PR - 3191 - One Loop Two Loop Portabulk Seed Bags


Reference Numbers

PR - 3191


One Loop Two Loop Portabulk Seed Bags



Product Details

The 1- Loop and 2- loop bags are cost effective and suitable for bulk handling solutions. These bags are mainly used for storing larger volume and high capacity contents like, fertilizers, fish-feed, cement, seeds, chemicals, minerals, food grains, etc
These bags are available in both inner liner and outer liner options. Apart from options these bags can be produced with filing and discharge spout, suspended liner, multi-trip, UN approved for hazardous goods, etc.

Double dust-proof seams / Anti dust / filler cord / sift proof seams
Top permeter band
Loop protectors
Stevedore loops
Document pocket / zip-lock pouch
Velcro closure
B-lock + rope/cord closure
Colored fabric
Up to 4 color printing