For Sale - PCM - 1912 - Rock n Roll Type RotoMoulding Machine


Reference Numbers

PCM - 1912


Rock n Roll Type RotoMoulding Machine

Product Details

- With Naroto rock n roll rotomolding mahines varying thicknesses in the product are possible
- Special articles like drainage pipes, boats, up to 6.5 mtr. can be produced in rock n roll rotational moulding machine.
- Most economical with less investment.
- Strudy machine suitable for manufacturing large size hollow products. Up to 40,000 liters / 10,000 USG capacity.
- Speed variable drive for rocking & rolling for better control of the product.
- Microprocessor based machine control panel with digital display.
- [PLC on specific request]

Model available in:
- Open flame with cooling station
- Closed oven type rock n roll with cooling station.
- Gas / oil fired open flame with cooling station.

Range available in:
Wide range of rock n roll type rotomoulding machines having frame size from 1.5 × 2.5 meters to 3.5 × 7.0 meters to produce up to 40,000 liters [10,000 USG]

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