For Sale - PCM - 1940 - Single Screw Extruder


Reference Numbers

PCM - 1940


Single Screw Extruder

Product Details

Neoplast offer single screw extruders with screw lengths from 45mm to 150mm available as:
- Grooved-feed versions for high output
- Smooth intake versions for high production flexibility
- Vented versions with smooth or fine-grooved intake output ranges from 30 kg/h to 1,500 kg/h

Major benefits:
- Highly versatile extruders that can be tailored to almost every application
- Specialized screw designs for high output rates and melt homogeneity at low temperatures
- Sturdy design and small footprint
- Precise barrel temperature control with APC
- Power Feed Technology (PFT) to ensure optimum feeding with grooved-feed executions

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