For Sale - PCM - 1985 - Double-Faced Triplet Layers Co-Extruding Lamination Line


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PCM - 1985


Double-Faced Triplet Layers Co-Extruding Lamination Line

Product Details

Double-Faced Triplet Layers Co-Extruding Lamination Line Special for Non-Germ Liquid Soft Packing Of Laminated Composite Packing Materials
Technique parameter - The production line is several layers use on paper/plastics/ AL-foil attached lamination materials for non-gem liquid soft packing, with 4 to 8 extruders to production. Structure of base products: - Coating plastics / paper / coating plastics / AL-foil / coating plastics - Output (3 kinds): 240kg/h, 200kg/h, 120kg/h - Extrusion layer thickness: 12 - 50um - Distribute of co-extrusion layer: the 2 layers of co-extrusion layer thickness no bigger than 3 times of 2 layers. The highest temperature deviation 100 C. - Extrusion layer thickness: 12-50um - The even thickness: Die + 5% - Production speed: Max 200m/min - Machinery speed: Max 250m/min The specification of machines: 1200mm Base materials: Paper 50 - 400 g/m, AL-foil 6-45 um Coating resin: LDPE, LDPE, EAA, EMAA etc. Main unwinder diameter: 1500mm. Winder diameter: 1700mm. AL-foil sandwich layer unwinder diameter: 680mm The work factory premises request: Die long 2700mm, Width 13000mm. High 5000 mm.

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