For Sale - PCM - 2150 - Special Pupose Vacuum Forming Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2150


Special Pupose Vacuum Forming Machine

Product Details

Europack SPM have
- Easy Changeover of the Moulds
- Plug Assist arrangement for Deep Draw Articles
- Size reducing frames available
- Robust machine with "Powder Coated Structure"

- Refrigerator inner liners and doors in HIPS
- Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets
- Bath Tubs, Deep Sinks and Sanitary Wares in Acrylic
- Briefcase and Suitcase Shells in ABS
- Tube Light Panels, Street Lamps, Lamp Sheds
- Industrial Trays for Material Handling
- Automobile Products like Dash Boards, Door Panels
- Truck Liners, Bumpers, Stepney Covers
- Cable Joints for Underground Cables
- Glow Signs and Large Signages for Advertisement
- 3D Posters for Outdoor Advertisement
- Toy Cars Structure for Children
- Decorative Doors and Panels

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