For Sale - PCM - 2184 - Fully Automatic Plastic Tube Making Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2184


Fully Automatic Plastic Tube Making Machine

Product Details

Fully automatic plastic tube making machine synchronized with 3 Colours printing and lacquering.

Tubes from 19 mm Dia to 35 mm Dia & 95 mm to 150 mm length can be produced by this machine, with variety of tips like twisted, round, angle & normal.

Being fully automatic machine, tubes are produced, trimmed to the collecting bin for filling and sealing.

Automatic plastic tube making and printing is a fully automatic, mechanically controlled machine for the manufacture of plastic tubes, ready for filling, with these machines. Tubes can be made, pre-treated, printed up to 3 Colours, lacquered, dried and ejected out to a collecting bin.

Plasticizing Mechanism: By employing screw based technology, plastic material (LDPE & HDPE) is thoroughly mixes and smoothly conveyed to the head from hopper which eliminates the need of pre-mixing of LDPE & HDPE for plasticizing as well as of coloring.

Machine Data:
Range of production: 19 mm Dia to 35 mm Dia with 95 mm long to 150 mm long.
Production capacity: 6 to 10 tubes/min.
Tube wall thickness: 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm.
Tube weight: 2.0 gms. To 12 gms.
Plastic materials can be processed: LDPE, HDPE and combination of LDPE & HDPE
Plasticizing capacity: @ 4 Kg./hr.
Hopper capacity: @ 10 kg.

Printing Mechanism:
Printing method: Flexo-graphic (relief printing)
Pre-treatement: High voltage field (Corona discharge)
Printing mechanism: 3 colour units (wet on wet)
Lacquering mechanism: Wet lacquering with rubber stereo
Drying: Hot-air counter-flow dryer, thermostatically Controlled, @ 40-70 degree Celsius
Tube ejection: Compressing air nozzle ejection at the end of drying process.