For Sale - PCM - 2348 - ASWA Series Injection Moulding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2348


ASWA Series Injection Moulding Machine

Product Details

Aswa offers excellent performance with its low cycle times and high quality of the molded components. Aswa is enabled with an electronically controlled closed loop variable displacement pump which controls the hydraulic pressure and flow directly within the pump. Wide platen areas in Aswa enable larger molds to be loaded in the machines; this along with the availability of T slot platens in higher tonnage machines offers the customer the best fit of the clamping system.

The computer optimised and controlled 5-point twin toggle clamping systems offers fast mold open-close movements and excellent safety for your costly molds. This along with proportional valve based consistent control of the open stop positions makes part handling robots operation very simple. Aswa machines are fitted with LNC5 and Ergo controls as an option that offers the flexibility of high transparency & very precise control of the molding parameters. The Injection units offer a wide variety of choices in size & screw selection for different molding needs of shot weight and pressure.

Aswa machines are available in sizes ranging from 40T to 1000T.

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