For Sale - PCM - 2351 - Ergotech Smar Injection Molding Machine


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PCM - 2351


Ergotech Smar Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Ergotech Smart injection molding machines meet the stringent global requirements of high quality and precise moldings. Smart offers the lower cycle time and hence enhance your productivity significantly.

Ergotech Smart adheres to the global operational safety norms and is CE certified for export into European countries. The platen has threaded mold mounting dimension as per euro map standards and it offers wide area between tie rods for larger size of molds to be mounted. Ergotech Smart offers robot interface as per euro map standards to enable high levels of automation for reducing the cycle time.

The 5 point twin toggle clamping system is rugged and offers very high open-close speeds. The planets are FEA analyses for stringent performance under varying loads. The uniform force distribution covers the entire platen area and enables molding of eccentric parts with ease. The modular selection of injection unit means that customers have a wide selection of various screw seizes for different shot weight and pressure requirements. Special screws are available for processing of PET, PVC, CPV & Thermosets. The advanced Ergo control which comes as a standard is fast and offers complete process transparency of the molding parameters. It is also available in different local languages across the world.

Ergotech Smart machines are available in tonnages ranging from 40T-1000T and in different shot capacities.

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