For Sale - PCM - 2364 - Vacuum Forming Machine


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PCM - 2364


Vacuum Forming Machine

Product Details

Our vacuum forming range is very versatile and our vacuum forming machines are used for both large and small production runs for all kinds of requirements. The Machines are offered with and without automatic sheet loading station.

Mould table movements by four pneumatic cylinders giving low mould loading height. Optionally servo driven mould table is also offered. In case of servo driven plug platen is also offered. In case of servo driven mould table, mould table has programmable mould movement speeds.

Plug movement is pneumatic. Optionally servo driven plug platen is also offered.. In case of servo driven plug platen, plug platen has programmable plug movement speeds.

- Infrared Ceramic Heating elements.
- Sandwich heating system.
- Heater Zones controlled by PLC with one master temperature control loop in-each heater.
- Heater elements current sensing by PLC.
- Sheet temperature sensing using Infrared temperature sensor.
- Pneumatic Vertically lifting clamping frame with adjustable cross beams.
- Preblow bubble height sensing by photocell.
- Sheet sag control.
- PLC control for all cycles including heater control with Graphical operator Interface.
- High Speed Cooling blowers with water mist spray.