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PCM - 2403


Multilayer Blown Film Lines

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Our co-extrusion blown film lines are available in a wide range of configurations from two to seven layers to produce variety of films like liquid packaging films, food packaging films, ultra high barrier films, high dart resin sacks films, meat and cereal packaging films, oil packaging films, Pharma and medical grade films, shrink hooding films, green house films, silage and mulch films, geomembrane and chemical / soap packaging films.

Seven layer high barrier film with PP or PE / CXA / Nylon / EVOH / Nylon / CXA / PP or PE can find application in retortable pouches as well as long shelf-life food and meat packaging. Thick seven layer film is also used in vacuum forming applications for food containers.

Lines are offered in a host of configurations to suit various end product requirements with outputs ranging from 120 kg/hr to 1200 kg/hr and lay-flat width up to 5000 mm.

Our lines are available with advanced features like integrated supervisory computer control, automatic thickness control, GSM control, digital internal bubble cooling system and fully automatic center-gap-surface winder. A range of system solutions can be offered to attend the ultimate processing needs.

The extra long collapsing frame incorporating dynamically balanced aluminium idlers, helps producing films with improved flatness. These lines are offered with modular oscillating haul-off system which provides for excellent gauge randomization and improved roll geometry for easy subsequent conversions.

Rajoo has been the pioneer in stack type co-extrusion dies in Asia. The current range of such dies includes standard horizontal spiral stack die christened Universal Co-extrusion Die UCD, inverted Conical Spiral Stack die Incoss, and Twin Surface Spiral Distributor Disc. Twinsurs. The stack type dies are completely modular giving tremendous flexibility to the processor and upgradeable from two to nine layers. These dies allow for shorter flow path and low residence time resulting in improved melt quality and reduced energy consumption.

Rajoo has pioneered specialty multilayer blown film lines to produce pallet hood stretch film. The film is gusseted and is used on high speed automatic pallet hooding stretch machines.

Rajoo is the only Asian supplier of dedicated multilayer blown film lines for producing FFS film for use in resin sacks. As the film will have to match with the machine speed and will also have to pass through stringent handling conditions including prolonged exposure to sunlight calling for high puncture resistance, the extrusion of such film calls for quite sophisticated blown film lines. Rajoo has experience of supplying several such lines in India and abroad.

Applications: Pharma films (aluminium laminates), Medical grade films, Shrink hood films, Geomembrane films, Diaper liners, Freezer packaging, Fruit juices, Masking films, Margarine / Ghee packaging films, Meat, sausage, cheese, ham packaging, Ready-made meals / retort films, Refuse sack film, Water film, Milk film, Food packaging films, Liquid packaging films, Edible oil films, Easy tear films, Lamination films, Silage films, Green house films, Soap and detergent films, Mulch films, Meat films, Heavy duty resin sack

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