For Sale - PCM - 2431 - CPP Thin Film and PP Thick Sheet Making Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2431


CPP Thin Film and PP Thick Sheet Making Machine

Product Details

- Stand of extruding unit can be movable forward and backward which will increase convenience on controlling.
- Screw is of special mixing function and hi-plasticizing capability design, it incorporates with European imported static mixer to ensure melting of resins, homogeneous color and increase on extruding output.
- T-die is of special double throttling design to enable adjustment for sheet thickness to be more accurate.
- Temperature control uses SCR system, tolerance of temperature for that is ± 10 C, this may precisely control plasticizing processes, sheet thickness, flatness and neatness.
- Emboss shaping stand is operated lifted up and pulled down freely. During operation, this will provides more choices for both thick sheet and thin sheet and to upgrade product quality.
- Sheet thickness control uses screw adjustment and hydraulic pressing roller two-way adjustment; this may control the sheet thickness precisely.
- Embossing roller of diameter 350 mm and two-loop colling system incorporates with microcomputer temperature controller will precisely control temperature of embossing roller so as to make sheet be flat and neat and to keep thickness homogeneous.
- Slicing unit uses microcomputer control to enable sheet length and quantity to be accurate.
- Winding stand uses high class torque motor, to enable operator to adjust speed and winding tension at this will so as to reach the purpose for flat and neat winding for thin sheet. If it incorporates with slitting device, operator may set up required product width freely. The machine equipped with automatic metric counter to enable setting product weight.
- Electronic control box: it completely uses high class and qualified accessories and it is of save space design, operation for that is simple and convenient.
Thickness - PP Sheet --0.45 to 1 mm
CPP Film .04 to .18 mm
Film Width 1100 mm
Screw - 100 mm