For Sale - PCM - 2478 - Automatic Laminated Soft Tube Making Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2478


Automatic Laminated Soft Tube Making Machine

Product Details

The machine is used to make tubes for packaging various cream and products such as toothpaste, make-up, medicines, sauces etc. by automatically shaping, high frequency welding and cutting (in the designed length) the laminated material.
Main Technical Features:
- The machine does not stop, as the material is stored automatically before changing the roll.
- The temperature is tested by infrared ray, and controlled by the closed loop.
- The tube is cut by the servo knife in the desired length.
- PLC control and the parameter can be set through the interface.
- Tie-ins can be picked out automatically.
- Trouble warning and display of the cause of the trouble.

Main Technical Specification:
Tube diameter - (standard part can be one of the followings:
Tube length - 50-250mm
Length allowance - < ± 0.25mm
Tube making speed - 120pieces/min (L=160mm)
Total power - 10 KW
Power - Three phase AC380V, 50HZ
Compressed air consumption - 30m 3 /h
Pressure of the compressed air - 0.5-0.6MPa
Cooling water flow - 5L/min
Cooling water pressure - 0.1- 0.3Mpa
Cooling water temperature - < 400 C
Dimension - (L × W × H) 6195 × 838 × 1640
Total weight - 3100Kg