For Sale - PCM - 2479 - Soft Tube Film Sealing and Lid Fitting Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2479


Soft Tube Film Sealing and Lid Fitting Machine

Product Details

Used to seal aluminum film (and other materials) and lid various soft tubes. It is widely applied in toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines and food industries.

Main Technical Specifications
Tube diameter: 22-40mm
Tube length: 70-200mm
Production speed: 60-80 pieces/min
Power: 3 phase AC 380, 50Hz
Total power consumption: 3KW
Compressed air: clean compressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
Compressed air consumption: 300NL/min
Machine Dimension : L × W × H
2800 × 2500 × 2200mm
Total weight: 1500Kg

- Tube and lid supply, film sealing, lid fitting and unloading are done automatically
- Precision turning plate and roller gear cam index unit guarantee the smooth turning and exact position
- Frequency conversion controls the turning and the speed is adjustable
- The sealing is beautiful with right tightness and reasonable film consumption
- The lid fitting is driven by servomotor and it is suitable for different kinds of lids including the lid with a hat
- PLC control and touch operation panel can set the parameter, trouble warning and display the cause of the trouble.