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PCM - 2506


Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant

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India and DRTS-USA
- The quality of the extruder is one of the most important factors of the production lines.
- That's why OPaL price revision w.e.f 14 May 2020.
PP prices increased by INR 1000/MT
HDPE and LLDPE prices rolled over.
offers next generation extruder.

a) Single Screw Extruder
- The drive motor and the gear box are directly coupled to achieve the optimum efficiency to reduce the electrical power consumption per unit output
- New generation barrier screw with dispersive and distributive mixing zone for homogenized melt and better mixing
- Accurate control of melt condition, Homogeneous temperature and pressure without variation, serging and low thermal stress
- Highly efficient temperature control for grooved feed block
- Consistent through put for all screw speed

b) control panel with automation :
- 10.2 inches touch sensitive color screen
- Output Indication (kg /hr) w.r.t. changes in pipe dimension and line speed
- Power consumption (kw /hr) and Unit/kg (Watt / kg)
- It provides following interlocks for Extruder - 1. Cold Start Protection, 2. Soaking time, 3. Alarm for Pressure and Temperature changes,
- Recipe management
- Supervision of production data
- Supervision of statistical data
- Production parameters
- Recipe Store
- Total power calculation

c) Round dripper insertion machine: INS-250
DRTS INS -250 inserts up to 250 drippers per minute. It is fully automatic and has the ability to produce uniform spacing, group spacing, and plain pipe. It has a built in feature for producing samples between coils for use with DRTS-FT-10 our 10 station flow testing machine for quality control.

d) Dripper Perforating / Drilling Machine:Dp-250
DRTS Dp-250 drills up to 250 drippers per min. It is fully automatic and has the ability to drill 2 or 4 holes without using any electrical sensors or controls. The unit uses high speed air motors to drill the holes. The perforating machine can be used with a variety of round drippers.
- Model: DP-250
- Speed: 250 drippers per minute
- Drip Pipe diameter: 6 - 20 mm
- Dripper type: Round (PC or Non PC)
- Dripper length: 25-70 mm
- Dripper outlets: 2 or 4 holes
- Notes: Fully Mechanical (no sensors/no electricity)

e) Vacuum calibrating tank and cooling system:
- Made of stainless steel with double vacuum chamber
- Extremely stable vacuum due to constant water level
- Works on minimum vacuum pressure: 0 to 100 mbar
- Auto vacuum controlled by AC frequency variable drive
- Easy X, Y and Z movement ensures operator friendliness
- Precise water pressure controls provides for aquarium

f) Haul - Off unit:
- Max pipe diameter up to 32mm
- Speed up to 120m /min
- The constant and accurate pull of the Haul off will guarantee the best performance of the whole extrusion line
- Individual AC servo geared motor for each boom. Accuracy ± 0.001 %
- Precisely synchronized with main extruder

g) Coiler with auto traversing
- Double station
- Max outer coils diameter mm: 1200
- Suitable for pipes from Ø12mm to Ø32mm (max.)
- AC motor with individual reduction gear box
- Max speed: 120 meter /min +20%recovery speed
- Pneumatic opening/Closing of the flaps, that is retractable during the opening
- Mechanical traverse with ball screw mechanism and driven by AC geared motor with AC Drive and synchronized with main bobbin
- Length counter is provider with two alarms first for precut i.e. Audio & video alarm and second is to stop the coiler

h) Pipe Crusher:
- 70 to 80 kg / hr. output with just 1.5 kw power consumption
- Online type operation which reduces extra manpower utilization
- 3 - 4 pipes can be fed at one time
- Uniform Grinding size of 3x5 mm without dust
- Also cuts the Pipes with Drippers inside
- Silent operation

i) Coil wrapping machine:
- Complete automatic operation
- Stretch film wrapping type
- Wrapping Capacity of 60 coils/hr
- Uniform wrapping ensures less film consumption which results in less packing cost
- Keeps pipe coil in tight winding form which tends to loosen after shrinkage

Online / Inline Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant::
1) Model: RRPP 45/33 inline drip I\irrigation pipe plant features
- 100,000 meter inline pipe production / day
- 0.24 unit /kg / hr power consumption
- Coil to coil weight variation is within + / - 0.5% of coil weight
- PLC based machine with inbuilt AC for control panel
- India's first indigenously developed semi auto coiler with synchronized traversing suitable to coil pipe up to 120 mpm line speed
- Insertion capacity 250 drippers / min
- 20 cm to 200 cm spacing setting for different configuration pipe
- Uniform spacing / group spacing/ plain Pipe / sample feature included in PLC
- Perforator can drill 1,2,3,4 holes as per customers requirement. Drilling is possible on same side / opposite to each other / across side

2) Model: RRPP 61/33 inline drip irrigation pipe plant features
- Up to 160,000 meter online pipe production / day
- 0.30 unit/kg power consumption
- Coil to coil weight variation is within + / - 0.5% of coil weight
- PLC based machine with inbuilt AC for Control Panel
- India's first indigenously developed Auto coiler with Synchronized Traversing suitable to coil pipe up to 120 mpm line speed
- Machine performance guaranteed 16 mm pipe up to 80 meters/min and 12 mm pipe upto 120 meters/min
- Servo driven haul - off unit
- Jockey extruder for stripes on pipe

DRTS has over 3 decades of experience in Drip Irrigation machinery and has installed machines over 25 countries. DRTS has always had a co-operation with the leading extrusion brands in different parts of the world.

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