For Sale - PCM - 2541 - Packaging Net Production Line and Technology


Reference Number

PCM - 2541


Packaging Net Production Line and Technology

Product Details

There are two kinds of products:
- Circle net: it can be used in the package of vegetable, fruit, and native products, etc, and the field of marine lives breed, convenient to take and transport.
- Net slice: it is used to reinforce the plasterboard in the architecture.

Structure features
- ? 65 extruder adopts casting aluminum heaters, FUJI or RKC smart temperature control meters, the temperature error is ± 10 C.
- The die head adopts helical runner invented by ourselves, which could distribute the material uniformly and meet the production requirement of several kinds of HDPE or PP.
- Stretched longitudinally in the hot water, after thermal forming and automatic fix length cutting, the product is got in the form of reel or slice.