For Sale - PCM - 2662 - Five Layer Lamination Plant for Flexible Packaging


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PCM - 2662


Five Layer Lamination Plant for Flexible Packaging

Product Details

Advantages of Multilayer Lamination:
- No toxic chemicals are used while laminating.
- No curing lime is required for finish laminate.
- Production rate is very high for laminates.
- Required high demands of flexible Packaging can be met.
- Required properties can be achieved in either outside layer OR inside layer easily.
- Product is the need of present requirement /and coming future.
- Saving of foreign exchange by avoiding imported laminates.

- 7 layer laminates: Ready to eat Food Products.
- 5 layer laminates: Oils, Ghee.
- 5 layer laminates: Sea worthy Export packing of Industrial Products.
- 3 layer laminates: Dried & Fried Foods.
- 4 layer laminates: Agricultural Products.
- 4 layer laminates: Pharmaceuticals Products.
- Multi layer brick: Liquid Products Packing.
- 3 layer laminates: Documents Lamination.

Five Layer Lamination Plant For Manufacturing Various Substrates Required For Multiply Packaging Requirements.

Unwinder Turret: Auto splicing, auto cutting change over type with auto tension control system.

Corona treater: IGBT Type provided.

Anchor Coating: Provided.

Screw Dia: Extruder Screw for Layer 1 80mm

Extruder Screw for Layer 2 80mm

Extruder Screw for Layer 3 70mm

L/D Ratio: 30:1

Maximum Extrusion capacity: 80 mm Screw : LD 160 Kg/hr, PP 140 Kg/hr.

70 mm Screw: LD 120 Kg/hr, PP 100 Kg/hr.

Die Size: Die size (1) 1250 mm Monolayer Die

Die size (2) 1250 mm two separate layer type die.

Coating thickness: 10 to 100 microns.

Line Speed for Lamination: 150 MPM maximum.

Winder Turret: Auto splicing, auto cutting change over type with auto tension control system.

Plant operating system: Total PLC based for program retrievals and better batch production with increased user friendliness.

Plant dimensions: 17 Mtr (L) X 8 Mtr (W) X 5 Mtr (H)

Substrates which can be laminated: Paper, Board, Aluminium Foil, BOPP, PET, ON & Metalized Films.

Applications to manufacture Multilayer Substrates for ready to eat food, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals, Creams, Toothpaste, Ointments, Medical, Sea Worthy Export Packing, Hygroscopic Product Packing, Documents Lamination, Milk, Juice, Brick Packing, Dried and Fried food packing, Seeds, Fertilizers, Agricultural Packing, Oil & Ghee Packing.

Seven layer also possible in the same plant.

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