For Sale - PCM - 2676 - LSR Injection Molding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2676


LSR Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

LSR (LIM) Injection Molding Machine
- Germany 2KM Silcostar 200 L included
- Multi-stage mold electric heat and temperature controller
- Special LSR hydraulic cooling water shut-off nozzle
- Special LSR barrel and screw set
- Cooling water heat insulation plate
- Fiber glass heat insulation plate

Rotary Table LSR Injection Moulding Machine
- Rotary table (1 upper 2 bottom mold) may easy to take and put work piece. Operator can take and put work piece as well as clean up in other bottom mold during the period of LSR thermosetting so as to increase the efficiency of production.
- Equipped with vacuum machine in order to prevent product with air bubble.

Double Slide Table LSR Injection Moulding Machine: Double slide table design (1 upper 2 bottom mold) may easy to take out the hot LSR products after forming and clean the mold if any

Special LSR hydraulic cooling water shot-off nozzle