For Sale - PCM - 2716 - Vertical Injection Moulding/Precision Molding/Multi-Component Automation


Reference Number

PCM - 2716


Vertical Injection Moulding/Precision Molding/Multi-Component Automation

Product Details

- Vertical mold clamp with horizontal extruder with long closing and opening travel, ideal for extrusion of large work pieces.
- Extra heavy structure and large mold capacity along with simple and easy-to-use layout.
Horizontal extruder can be raised or lowered using hydraulic screws for fast, accurate positioning.
- There are few restrictions on the dimensions of mold lines, and the range of applications is very broad.
- The platen uses self-lubricated axles, which require no further lubrication, for smooth, easy movement and super-long useful life.
- Special functions for certain products can also be programmed, including strong clamping forced, small extrusion quantities, faster extrusion rates, multiple die sets, mold ventilation, mold vacuum and other operations.
- Other functions including insertion and cyclic finishing with a slide platen or rotary plate as needed.