For Sale - PCM - 2884 - 55MM Three Layers Co extrusion Blown Film Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2884


55MM Three Layers Co extrusion Blown Film Machine

Product Details

- Material: LDPE/LLDPE
- Main products: LDPE+LLDPE+LDPE
- Width: 1500 mm
- Thickness: 0.012-0.25 mm
- Max. output: 150 kgs/hr
- Extruder: Non-stop; V-belt adjustable seat with special design to enable belts evenly pulled up
- Driving motor: 30 HP AC + Inverter x 3 sets
- Motor seat: Track adjustment type; the v-belts can be adjusted by balance pulling. (power required small); when v-belt is loosened, it can be adjusted any time without
stopping machine (easy to replace, time and labour saving.)
- Gear box: SCM-21 material, nitrided treatment; gear faces are ground by computer; smooth, no noise, long life and power saving.
- Screw dia.: 55 mm x 3; L/D=30:1
- Screw material: SACM-1, nitrided treatment; grinding and hard chrome plating; design by 5-stage zones to ensure well mixing and stable output.
- Barrel material: SACM-1, nitrided treatment; grinding and polishing; use of buckle type thermal detector; minor tolerance of temperature; non-breakage. digital indication thermometer with larger screen; easy to supervise from long distance.
Temp. control: 2 zones x 3 sets
Cooling: Blower
- Hydraulic: 3 sets; bugle type adapter x 3 sets-no material
- Die head: 1 set (upward spiral type die head; 4, 6, 8, 12 holes. designed according to size of die head; plug type heater bands; easy to replace or repair.)
Die lip: 300mm; temp. control: 2 points; air ring x 1
Cooling blower: 7-1/2 hp + Inverter
- The 1 st take up unit:
(Connection between motor and roller is by sus octa-claw, which is specially designed for stable, smooth and endurant rotation. It is to improve traditional connection of easily
wearing off in axis and short life. The octa-claw connection ensure: no noise, precise, power saving and smooth)
- Take up motor: 2 HP AC x 1/15 + Inverter
- Roller width: 1600 mm
- Effective width:1500 mm
- Elevation motor: 1 HP x 1/40 x 1 set
- The 2 nd take up unit:
- Roller width: 1600 mm
- Effective width: 1500 mm
- Take up motor: 1 hp + Inverter
- The 1 st tension control: 1 set
- Winder: Back to back auto winder and roller unloading device
- Winding speed: 0-100 m/min
- Winding motor: 2 HP + Inverter x 2
- Winding rollers: 250 x 1600 mm
- The 2nd tension control: 1 set x 2
- Electrical control cabinet: 1 set
(Electro magnetic contactors are by telemaque, french made, the world most famous)
- Spare parts: tool box: 1 set
a. Spanners: 6 pcs
b. Screw driver: 1 pc
c. Hexa spanner: 1 pc
d. Movable spanner: 1 pc
- Equipments including following:
a. Auto film width controller
b. Hot slitting knives (2 pcs.)
c. Surface static treater (corona)
d. Flow pressure gauge (3 pcs.)
e. Octa-side film stabilized ring
f. EPC unit (edge correction device)
g. Banana rollers: 3 pcs.(minimum)
h. Waste strip collector (reel type)
i. Cold slitting knives (6 pcs.)
j. Horizontal: 1 set