For Sale - PCM - 2911 - One Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine


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PCM - 2911


One Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine

Product Details

Our Injection Blow Molding Machine is the advanced machine, combining injection molding mechanism with blow molding mechanism together. This machine is suitable for processing PP, PE, PC, PS, PETG & PMMA resins.

- High speed motion and precise quality and quantity of products.
- Self diagnostic system with computerized design, displaying error message on touch screen for easy trouble shooting.
- Innovative system for changing mold quickly.
- All function control on panel design for the operator modifying data on touch screen easily.
- Shining bottle surface and seamless bottle body for elaborate and accurate bottles or containers.
- Close loop hydraulic system, precisely controlled by proportional pressure and flow rate.
- Turret typed mold seat, adopting angular index device to ensure accurate orientation

- Product capacity (ml): 10-200 to 50-1000
- Screw stroke (mm): 127 to 250
- Screw diameter (mm): 45 to 63
- Max. shot weight (gram): 264 to 740
- Bottle height (mm): 47-127 to 90-120