For Sale - PCM - 3208 - EPS Thermoforming Machine Set


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PCM - 3208


EPS Thermoforming Machine Set

Product Details

Thermoforming machines developed by our company integrates vacuum forming (negative pressure forming), press forming (positive pressure forming), mold forming and comprehensive forming. Products can mainly form with vacuum, also with compressed air, dies pressure and synthetic method. It can produce almost all products. Electric appliance, hydraulic and vacuum systems with famous brand are selected and used. This machine group possesses reliable stability, large forming area, high production and automatic degreed in plastic manufacturing industry is easy to operate. It is known as excellent as forming.
Our company can order the special machine which customers want to make.

Technical parameter:
- Max. forming area (mm2): 1100×1250
- Max. forming depth (mm): 130
- Production efficiency (die/s): 20
- Thickness of material (mm): 5
- Forming pressure (T): 51
- Air consumption: 0.5M3/min (External air supply)
- Power: 380V/50Hz
- Electric heating installed capacity (KW): 150
- Motor installed capacity (KW): 19.5
- Whole weight (T): 10
- Installation size (m): 15×2.1×2.5

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