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Shuttling Arm Rotomolding Machines - FixoPlus

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FixoPlus range of rotational molding machine is a modular, highly aerodynamic, independent indexing, multi-arm indirectly fired rotomolding machine, with a number of features like inert gas injection & high pressure air injection for transvectors; and controls using MMI Interface with a PLC, featuring individual mold recipes, visual audio alarm, maintenance programs, and a hoard of safety interlocks and other features. FixoPlus is a highly efficient machine and gives even heat distribution with a very good hot air recirculation, using minimum power and fuel. FixoPlus rotomolding machine is versatile for producing any kind of simple or complex roto parts e.g. tanks. Automotive products like bull bars, roof racks, bumpers, etc., planters, garden furniture, mannequins, medical equipments/ surgical units, toys like rocker, slide, baby pool, school bench and many more.

The control panels conform to IEC standards. The machine is fast and efficient and also the stations are located far from each other. The unique feature of this machine is the number of arms, which can vary from 1-8 or more independent indexing arm on individual trolleys. The machines can have a stationary oven with one or two arms or configured to move oven mono-axially and accept arms from one to as many as ten arms. This also gives the freedom from chronology of arms.

A typical two arm, FixoPlus could produce 100 tanks in eight hours, using designs where the lids are molded along with the tanks. This could mean a production weight of 1.3 tons or 40,000 overheads, administration, labor, power, fuel, etc. is nearly the same as a smaller rock and roll machine or a lower technology machine, where the output may be one third. The machine is very economical.

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