For Sale - PCM - 3470 - High Speed Toggle Machines


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3470


High Speed Toggle Machines

Product Details

Ferromatik manufactures new generation high speed toggle machines available from 30 to 500 Ton.

Main Features:
- Rugged and reliable design
- Precise and consistent moulding
- Generous specification
- Energy efficient production

Wide combination of injection unit with clamp makes Magna T a versatile system.

Machines widely used in
- Packaging industry
- Medical industry
- Electrical and Electronics
- Automotive industry
- Writing instrument
- Industrial components

Magna T 30-80 Design Advantages and Features:
1) Clamp:
- Robust toggle clamp mechanism
- Quick automatic mould height and tonnage setting on screen
- Adjustable pressure setting of closing and opening stage
- Adjustable 2 stage mould safety pressure and 1 stage speed
- Position based ramping for accurate position switching, precise speed and pressure control
- Linear position transducer for accurate clamp position control
- Sensitive mould protection with try again circuit
- Stage wise actual time display
- Insert moulding program
- Actual tonnage display on screen adjustable individual pressure setting of each stage

2) Ejector:
- Knock-out bar
- 2 stage programmable ejector forward profile with soft eject
- Ejector speed and force adjustable on screen
- Linear transducer for ejector position
- Pulsating ejector strokes up to 9 pulses
- Intermediate retract set point
- Ejector stay forward and forward dwell timer

3) Injection:
- 6 stage injection velocity and 15 stage injection pressure profile
- 5 stage screw speed and 5 stage back pressure through screen
- Digital setting of extruder RPM and digital read out of actual RPM
- Wide choice of injection units with A-B-C screw / barrel combinations
- Switch over from fill to pack based on position / time / pressure
- Linear position transducer for accurate injection position control
- Injection decompression before / after refilling or both
- Semi-auto purge, cold slug removal and intrusion moulding programs
- Aluminum chequered plate below purge area
- Sprue breaks with timer

4) Temperature Control:
- Actual current display of heating zones
- Heater failure and thermocouple failure detection
- Accurate PID temperature control settable on screen
- Feed throat temperature indication
- Auto heat startup and shutdown
- Heat standby after set number of cycles
- Soak timer for cold start protection
- High/low temperature alarm
- Set and actual temperature data with bar graph

5) Controls:
- 22 parameter monitoring for last 150 cycles with graphics
- 10.4" TFT color display with alpha - numeric keypad
- Actual injection speed and pressure graph display
- 80 mould data storage
- Configurable multilevel password with operator's name
- Graphically presentation of hourly production
- Customized setup menu
- High / low limit display for each adjustable parameter
- I / 0 diagnosis - analog and digital
- Timer precision in 0.01 second
- Change log menu: logs last 100 set points changes with time and date
- Statistical process control (SPC) with graphics
- Process mode: Function with its co-function on a single key press
- Freely programmable smart outputs
- Over view screen with graphical display of machine functions
- Soft keys for fast access of select menus
- Auto shut down
- Visual and audible alarm
- 1000 alarm history with date and time log
- Printer interface with USB port

6) Hydraulics:
- Euromap mould mounting pattern
- Ergonomic hydraulic layout for easy approach
- Valves placed near actuators for rapid response
- Pre-heating circuit for hydraulic oil
- Low oil level audible alarm and motor shut down
- Continuous oil filtration with 10 micron filter
- Audible alarm for filter clogging

7) Available Options:
- Air ejection - up to 5 stages
- Hydraulic / electrical unscrewing interface
- Feed throat temperature control
- PID oil temperature control
- Part drop detect for single cavity
- Water battery with temperature indicator
- Water manifolds
- Robot interface (SPI / Euromap)
- Extra heating zones
- Nozzle contact force by pressure switch
- Jam bar
- Eject retract limit switch verification
- Insulated heater band
- Bimetallic barrel and hardened / coated screw
- Special paint

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