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PCM - 3541


Vertical Series Injection Moulding Machine

Product Details

Series CM 40 t, VM 60 - 200 t, VM R 40 - 270 t - particularly for insert molding:
The most recent generation of Battenfeld's Vertical series features tailored solutions for insert molding with especially adapted automation equipment:
- Vertical R: vertical clamping unit with rotary table for multi-station operation: 40 t - 270 t
- Vertical V: vertical clamping unit: 60 t - 200 t
- High-performance plasticizing systems for all thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer resins for shot weights of up to 3000 g PS
- High-performance UNILOG B6 control system
- Automation with robots and mold changing systems possible
- Extensive know-how in process engineering and mold design

Clamping unit:
The clamping unit of the Vertical series is ergonomically designed and suitable for semi-automatic operation.
Major advantages:
- Low, easy accessible working station
- Short cycle times through parallel movements through variable displacement pumps
- Good access to ejector for higher flexibility
- Ejector suitable for 2-, 3- or 4-station operation (Vertical R)

Injection unit:
The injection units of the Vertical series guarantee high precision and reproducibility through their compact design with integrated hydraulic block and a hydraulically direct-driven screw.
Outstanding features:
- High flexibility due to one barrel being universally compatible with different injection units
- Easy access to screw because of swiveling injection unit (up to .../ 1330)
- Momentum-free nozzle contact due to positioning of nozzle carriage cylinders opposite each other
- Precise axial movements of the injection unit through linear guide system
- Optimum melt homogeneity due to a uniform L/D ratio of 22:1 and 2000 bar injection pressure for medium screw diameters

Complete production systems:
Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH offers complete production systems consisting of injection molding machine and automation equipment for highly flexible production and process stability:
- Concept studies
- Engineering and design
- Integration of all components, incl. control system (CE conformity)

Integration of the following production steps possible (multi-component molding, insert molding, back molding):
- Insertion, palletizing
- Warping, welding, assembly
- Commissioning, packaging

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