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PCM - 3560


Coating & Lamination Machine

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Coating and Lamination machine offered by Pee Tee Engineers is considered very economical in investment also very simple to operate and maintain. Ideal to handle small type jobs and is most suitable for flexible packaging industries.
- Gravure coating system with reverse arrangement.
- Cantilever type impression pressure assembly actuated with pneumatic piston rubber roll, doctor blade and nip roller.
- Fully insulated glass wool fitted in the panel (top, side and bottom) for controlling heat loss.
- One and one slit type air flow arrangement. Divided equally are placed against roller for proper web support.
- Exhaust nozzles are equally distributed through-out the length of drying chamber.
- Digital temperature controller with indicator and P T 100 sensor for each zone.
- Inside heating for Nip steel roller.
- Pee Tee Web SRA system for controlling the Web after the Drying tunnel.

High efficiency sectional tunnel and air flotation exhaust through one and one counter against the driver roller with pneumatic lifting.

PEE TEE Engineers presents the ultimate lamination coating machine Webmate which is easy to handle, install and operate, it takes care of large quantity of lamination work in a non-messy and organized manner.

Optional Attachment:
- PT Chaiser system for controlling two webs at the same time.
- Pneumatic Lifting for drying tunnel hoods for easy guiding and also cleaning of the idle roller.
- Cat-Walk arrangement along with the machine length to provide easy access to the drying tunnel.
- Water cooling roller is provided at Rewind unit.
- Tension controller for the unwind unit.
- Special type cooling torque for surface winder.
- Flame proof lacquer circulating pump.
- Thermic fluid heating system.
- Positive drive for all dynamically balanced roll through out tunnel with arc form to give proper web support and eazy access of web materials.
- Wrinkle removing device (Bow Expander/Strip Expander)
- May bar coating arrangement.
- Wet Nip Arrangement.
- Programmable temperature controlling for each zone of tunnel.
- Various types of coating systems on customers' request.

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