For Sale - PCM - 3561 - Pilot Coating & Lamination Machine


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PCM - 3561


Pilot Coating & Lamination Machine

Product Details

Pilot Coating and Lamination Machine offered by PEE TEE Engineers is considered very economical in investment, running cost, also very simple to operated and maintain. Ideal to handle small type jobs and is most suitable for lab testing.

Salient Features:
- Fully insulated glass wool panel of drying tunnel.
- Coating facility through Gravure Maybar.
- Reverse roll, air knife three roll, doctor blade.
- Lamination with any material.
- Individual blower with heater and temperature controller
- Unwind and rewind as per requirement.
- Up to 400 mm width.
- Variable D. C. Drive.
- Pneumatic control at required point.
- One and one type exhaust system.
- Surface and center winding facility.
- Web guiding system (Optional).
- Synchronized drive (Optional).
- Tension control system (Optional).

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