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Our Vacuum former is suitable for making all size packing containers, in open-type with thin-wall, by using roll-sheet, under high-speed vacuum suction-forming processing. The products out of this machine can be used for the package of foods, tourist-goods, textile, medical, toy, cosmetic, electrical elements and daily used hard-ware, etc.

Sheet fit to the machine
Starch-deposit sheets, light-deposit sheet, environment sheet APET, PETG Color sheets, PVC, HIPS, PET, PS, PP, EPS, Fiber coating sheets.

Vacuum former features:
- The machine combine with mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration fully computer control, touch screen easy operation.

- Production accounting, can set automatic stop or advance alarm function; date memorization function can store 230 data and para.
- Inverter Feeding driving, length stepless adjust, feeding accurate, stable and high speed. (Max Feeding Speed 1000 mm / second)
- Temperature Control system, fully computer intellectual temperature control,
short heating time (only 3 min from 0-400 degree);
stable ( not affected by outside voltage and temperature fluctuation is less than 1 degree);
lower power consumption 15% , longer life of far infrared ray ceramic heater
- Heater has deflection over structure, which could close whole row of the porcelain heaters when the width of sheet is less than 580mm. It can reduce power consumption 16%.
- Heating temperature control, individual heating control, touch screen input, mini-adjustment precision and heating temperature uniformity.
- Advance feeding with the heating time automatic memory function, machine could start production from the first feeding.
- Two-step vacuum, Two time of up-mould, mould Shaking function, mould delay.
- Product Silicon Sprayer Device.
- Up/down Mould electric stroke adjust, easy to adjust under the mould matched situation. It could improve the accurate of moulding and quality of finished production.
- Back acting plate position motor adjusts.
- Up/down mould match into cushion, avoid cushion and improve the match speed.
- Up/down Guiding Leader with self-lubrication bearing couple.stable production and durable structure, it could assure the high quality of finished products.
- The width of feeding chain synchronizate and separate motor adjust.
- Heaters with moving-out structure could move out under the malfunction situation, it could save the sheet materials.
- Cylinder Sheet loading structure, easy for workwoman operation.
- Up / lower mold stroke double adjustment, upper mold electro motion adjust under mold clamed situation)
- Cutting unit with double clamping cutting function, could produce Male/Female and various different of products slide cutting.
- Cutting structure adopts special convert structure, can optimize the working space. The separate stacking car easy finished products stacked. Movement Guide Pole easy stack.

Technical Components:
- Touch Screen Monitor (10.4 "inch /Color): Taiwan Delta
- PLC: Taiwan Delta
- Inverter 3.7Kw: Taiwan delta
- Encoder 1024: Taiwan delta
- Vacuum Pump: Busch 0100
- Cylinder: China Zhicheng
- Pneumatic: Japan SMC
- Adjust Sprayer: Japan Meiji
- Fan Blower (0.55Kw): Manda
- Contactor: German, Simen
- Thermo relay: German, Simen
- Middle relay: Japan, Omron
- Impulse solid state relay: Joint Venture
- Heater: 120 Pcs far Infrared ray ceramlc heaters
- Upper/Down heater 120 zone (1 control 1) section adjust, digital input

Technical Parameter:
- Suitable Sheet Width: 460 to 710 mm
- Thickness: 0.1 to 2.0 mm
- Max roll sheet: 600 mm
- Up mould stroke: 500 mm
- Down mould stroke: 350 mm
- Max forming area: 680×1200 mm2
- Max forming height protruding: 200 mm
- Max forming height concave: 150 mm
- Capacity: 4 to10 (Cycle/min)

- Cooling Outlet:
a) Outlet: 4 PCS
b) Spray: 11 PCS

Air Source:
a) Air Vol. (m3/min): Less than 2
b) Pressure (MPa): 0.8

- Water Consumption: 4 to 5 Cube/Hr
- Vacuum Pump (Outlay): Busch R5 0100
- Power Supply: 380V/ 220V 50Hz 3Phase 4 line
- Heater Power: 54 kw
- General Power max: 62.52 kw
- Dimension (L×W×H): 8070×1750×2525 mm
- Weight: 4900 kg

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