For Sale - PCM - 3796 - Trimming Machine for thermoformed sheets


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PCM - 3796


Trimming Machine for thermoformed sheets

Product Details

This machine is used for punching and cutting operation of leather, plastics, nylon cloth, paper plan, cotton and compound fabrics, non-metal materials, especial for multi-layers materials.

Working Features:
- Dould Oil cylinder, four pole, automatic self-poise leading structure, confirm the precisely of cutting depth point.
- Dould working position for different products and different height. Inverter automatic Feeding device, Capacity is tri-time of normal punching machine.
- PLC control, HMI operation. easy control.
- Adopt the anti-noise technology, reduce the running noise.
- Self-lubrication system, guarantee the precisely and durable.
- Punching depth adopts the digital input (0.001mm unit for mini-adjust the cutting depth)

Technical Parameter:
- Punch Pressure: 730×1220 to 730*1220
- Cutting Size: 7.5 KW to 4.0KW
- Punch Stroke: 50 to 230 mm, 50 to190mm
- Net Weight: 6200 KG, 4500KG
- Dimension: 3070×1820×1480 mm
- Power Supply: 380V/ 220V 50Hz 3Phase 4 line
- Capacity: 5 to12 times/min

Technical Components:
- Motor: Taiwan JieJia
- Oil pump: Apanese Yuken (PV2R2-47-1R)
- Hydraulic system: Taiwan JeouGang
- Seals: Germany Shamban
- Main electric: Japan Mitsubishi & Japan Omron
- PLC: Korea LG
- Inverter: Japan Mitsubishi
- Encoder: Japan Omron
- Touch screen: Taiwan Hitech

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