For Sale - PCM - 3880 - Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine - S2PI / B2 / 2B1C


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3880


Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine - S2PI / B2 / 2B1C

Product Details

Samarth PET model S2PI/B2/2B1C/AE produces 2200 bph for range from 30 ml to 2000 ml which is equivalent to a 2 cavity fully automatic PET blowing machine. This model contains 2 blowers and a common conveyor with both sides heating zone which allows producing two different size bottles at a time. It offers variety shapes of bottle which are widely used in packing of several products such as drinking water, shampoo, aromatic oil, creams, cosmetic, soda and other hygiene products. We can also have range of liquid products such as honey, edible oil, etc. Machine is equipped with latest techniques and designed according to modern demand to enhance its quality and durability.

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