For Sale - PCM - 3950 - Optic Sheet Extrusion line


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3950


Optic Sheet Extrusion line

Product Details

- Wearable, Durable, high transparent, flame proof sheet
- High impact sheet
- Anti static sheets

a) Home Appliances & Instruments:
- Refrigerator parts, TV / computer cabinet, Toys, Chair back seat, Lamp & lanterns material for electronic items, Air conditioners, LCD for mobiles, Computer, Sunglasses, Helmets

b) Sanitary wares:
- Bath Tubs, Shower cabinet, Washing Bowl, vapour Room

c) Advertising:
- Guiding board, Machinery sign, Indoor decoration

d) Luggage:
- Baggage cases, Recreation bags

e) Car industry:
- Car Doors, Window Frames, Dash boards, Interior decoration of Cars & Buses
Wind shield for Army, Police, Motor cycle The Train, The Plane, The Steamers, The submarine

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