For Sale - PCM - 4000 - Magnum Injection Moulding Machines 120 to 250 Tons


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PCM - 4000


Magnum Injection Moulding Machines 120 to 250 Tons

Product Details

Magnum machine offers injection moulding machines 120 to 250 tons.

- PLC with 8.4" COLOR LCD Screen with Alpha numeric keypad
- HMI with USB for data Restore and Back up function
- Password & Data Lock Key protected keypad to prevent tampering
- Fast Setting Page shows Bird Eye View of Machine Operation
- Short cut key to frequently used pages
- 100 Mould Data Storage
- Parameter monitoring for last 100 cycles
- Alarm alert, record and diagnostic function
- Temperature and Injection Graph monitors

Hydraulic system
- Proportional controlled pressure and speed setting from PLC
- Silent Hydraulic circuit
- High temperature & Low Oil level Alarm
- Return Line Filter with Clog Indicator
- European origin Oil Seals
- Hydraulic Core Pulling & unscrewing function (optional)
- External Oil cooler suited to Indian Condition

- Optimized 5 point Toggle design for accuracy, smooth platen movement and equal distribution of clamping force
- 5 stage programmable Opening/closing speeds for ease of control
- Hydro motor assisted Mould Height Adjustment system
- Programmable Multi stage and pressure controlled Ejector system
- Four High tensile & Hard Chromed Tie Bars
- Hydraulic Cushion system for consistent Mould opening stroke.
- Linear Transducer for platen and ejector movement.
- Low Pressure Mould Safety
- Automated Lubrication system

- 6 stage Injection & Hold on function
- 3 stage Plasticizing/Charge Speed Control
- Auto PID adjust for barrel temperature
- High Plasticizing capacity Screw design
- Pre & Post charge Suck back function
- Cold Screw Protection
- Insulated Barrel Heater
- 5 Star radial Piston High torque Hydro motor

Machine Variants
Neo Series - Standard Machines
- Neo series machines come with all basic configurations, standard features and a Fixed Displacement pump.
- This machine is capable of performing all functions found in an Expensive Injection Moulding Machine

Neo Star Series - Machine with A.C. drive
- Neo Star series machine is a development on the NEO series and is fitted additionally with an A.C. Drive/Variable Frequency drive.
- The controller generates a analogue signal derived through a mathematical calculation between the set Pressure and Flow parameters to the Drive which controls the RPM of the Special Induction Motor based on function performed.
- There by bringing about saving in power consumed when compared to the Neo series.
- It is an inexpensive and maintenance free option compared to Variable Displacement pump which is not very suitable for Indian Shop floor condition.

Synergy - Servo Energy Saver Machine
- Synergy series machine offers the whole system of a synchronous rotary speed controlled servo motor with drive including a controller section.
- The drive takes the analogue signal of Pressure and Flow from the Machine controllers then a feedback loop is formed by the Drive controller taking the input signal from the Pressure transducer which then computes the resultant signal by measuring the deviations.
- This resultant signal drives the servo motor coupled with the fixed internal Gear pump.
- The RPM of the motor multiplied by displacement of the pump determines the output flow.
- Even the Internal Gear Pump has been optimized for variable speed, low leakage, low noise and high efficiency.

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