For Sale - PCM - 4395 - Injection Moulding Machine Ventura series


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PCM - 4395


Injection Moulding Machine Ventura series
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Product Details

- Ventura series machine is characterized by
a.Technically enhanced, generous machine specifications matching all currently prevailing international norms
b.Driven by the most energy efficient servo mechanism resulting in highest energy savings, consistent, repeatable & smoother machine performance
c.Built-in advanced safety features and interlocks which ensure safer & efficient performance of the machine

- Clamping unit
a.Robust & rugged five-point double toggle mechanism for positive and uniform force distribution
b.Optimized and enlarged platen design with FE analysis
c."T" slots along with additional tapped holes
d. Improved moving platen sliding shoes which are specifally designed for fine alignment and adjustment
e.Graphite impregnated, self lubricating bushes for toggle mechanism
f.Automatic, motorized mould height/thickness adjustment through Sun and Plantery gear mechanism
g.Advanced, progressive type auto grease lubrication with pressure switch feedback & low level sensor

- Ejector
a.Higher ejector stroke with multi point knock out plate
b.Generous access to ejector area
c.Linear position transducer for accurate ejector position control

- Injection
a.Modular injection unit design offering a wide choice forshot weights and suitable for various plastic processing requirements
b.Fitted with nitrided screw and nitrided barrel, non-return valve and barrel closure assembly with open nozzle suitable for various thermoplastics
c.Injection speed and pressure profile programmable in 06, position dependent stages
d.Follow up/hold on pressure profile programmable in 05, time dependent stages
e.Screw speed control profile programmable in 05, position dependent stages
f.Strong & balanced twin cylinder injection unit distributes the load/pressure equally along the screw centerline
g.High torque, low speed direct hudraulic screw drive
h.Back pressure through controller with profile programmable in position dependent stages

- Temperature control
a.4/5 self-optimizing temperature control zones/circuits for the barrel and nozzle flange heating system
b.PID controlled barrel heater bands, with solid state relayes and fast blowing semi conductor fuses for barrel heating system

- Hydraulics
a.All hydraulic manifolds and valves mounted close to the actuators for faster response
b.Hydraulic oil tank with large and easy access for cleaning

- Controller features
a.State-of-the-art controller integrated with servo system
b.Drive to PLC communication through Ethernet/CAN
c.Intelligent HMI with 8" TFT colour display with aplha numeric keyboard
d.Data storage on removable USB drive
e.I/O diagnosis - Analog & Digital
f.Internal storage of up to 200 sets of mould data

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