For Sale - PCM - 4684 - D1 Series Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine


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PCM - 4684


D1 Series Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Yizumi are comprehensively unveiling different models of the injection molding machine to cater specifically to the varied needs of the global markets.

Clamping unit:-

Independent high-pressure cylinder realizes mold opening under low speed and high pressure. Mold change through tie bar retraction in the case of low factory ceiling height is also available.
High-rigidity L-shape guide rails on machine frame, with guiding precision up to 0.05 mm, facilitate fast and steady motion of platens.

Injection unit:-

Linear guide rails, with the benefits of low resistance and quick acceleration, are a standard feature of D1 series. Incorporating other features, such as high-rigidity injection unit and ultrasonic displacement sensors, D1 series realizes accurate position control and high repeatability of part weight.

Hydraulic system:-

D1 series employs the fully oil-cooled two-headed motor-driven servo system. It eliminates the influence of instability in machine operation due to the work environment and reduces energy consumption of hydraulic circuit. Synchronized drive technology makes hydraulic circuit response faster and movements more efficient.

Speediness and high efficiency:-

Dry cycle is short. Compared with a three-platen machine with the same clamp tonnage, mold opening and closing during dry cycle is about 55% faster, which directly improves efficiency and production capacity.

Precision control:-

Repeatability of mold-open position is up to ± 0.2mm, five times higher than that of a three-platen machine (proven by in-house 1300T machine test result), meeting high requirements of automated part removal and inserting.

High product quality:-

Variation of force on tie bar = 3‰, high mold-close accuracy, hardly any flash, higher stability of injection molding, part weight repeatability =3‰, significant savings in materials and cost reductions.