For Sale - PCM - 4746 - Air Bubble Film Fabrication Tool


Reference Numbers

PCM - 4746


Air Bubble Film Fabrication Tool

Product Details

All Electric
Easy to use
Low maintenance system
Easy parts replacement
Can be used on-line or off-line
Easy film loading
Different film widths
Various system accesorries available
Weight:- 37 kg
Electrical:- 220/240 volt single phase

Regular large 400 mm and 800 mm wide film with registered perforation
Roll width un-inflated:- 400mm- 800 mm
Roll width inflated:- 300 mm- 600 mm
Metres per roll:- 610 mtrs- 610 mtrs
Sheet size inflated:- 300 mm x 260 mm- 600 mm x 260 mm
Sheets per minute:- 56-56
Sheets per roll:- 1837-1837
Square mtrs per roll inflated - new air:- 155-310
Equivalent volume of extra large D double in square metres to one roll of new air material:- 232- 464
Roll weight:- 14.5 kilos-29 kilos
Rolls per pallet:- 24 rolls-12 rolls