For Sale - PCM - 4890 - Coating & Lamination Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 4890


Coating & Lamination Machine

Product Details

1640 MM width 2 shaft rotating turrent unwind with auto splice-wide enough for 1560 mm Tex jumbos-Splice sysytem is limited to 1450 and will require upgrade for wider substrates- In -feed unit modifiable to incroprate web conditioning (heating) rolls

Coating Line Detail- In- feed web cleaning
High pressure air is blown against the surface of the film that will be coated by an aie knife any small particles that are removed are sucked away using a vacuum

Coating line Detail-coating head
1500 mm face width ROR Coating head-1800 mm between columns
Roll width should be modifiable to 1650-1700 mm

Coating Line Detail-Lamination
1500 MM Roll face width lamination system and 1640 mm shaft width turreted unwind and sacrificial liner rewind. Potential to re-engineer laminator to face width of 1650 mm