For Sale - PCM - 4735 - 100 To 250 Ton Injection Moulding Machine


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PCM - 4735


100 To 250 Ton Injection Moulding Machine

Product Details

Energy Saving, High Precision Cost Effective injection moulding machines from LK Machinery.
The moulding machines are equipped with the following features

1) Hydraulic Safety Chain:-
This is the safety chain to restrict the high pressure hydraulic hose as a safety measure, usually apply to all high pressure hydraulic hose that is outside the machine guarding and could be access to workers.

2) Servo pump system:-
Servo pump is a combination of AC servo motor and hydraulic pump, it is a closed loop system and the speed and power throughput is changed according to the actual loading experienced.
It is a kind of high precision energy saving system that help to reduce energy consumption and increase the repeatibility and preicsion of the machine, and result in a better molding part quality.
For excel series, we are using internal gear pump

3) Screw RPM speed feedback:-
It is an feature that using a sensor (e.g. proximity switch) to count the screw rotation RPM, and the measured plus (signal) will feedback to the control system and will display as the actual RPM reading on the screen, that is useful in setting the process plasticizing process and to visualize the actual RPM .

4) Multiple Screw and Barre Configurationsl :-
For each injection, screw with different diameter is available, from the samllest one we called "A" screw and increase stepwise to "B", "C", and even "D".
When screw diameter increase, the injection volume and shot volume will increase and will have a lower injection pressure.
It is a matter of process requirement to determine the right size of screw and barrel.
Different design of screw and barrel are manufactured for different kind of resin, that has different physical properties.

5) Suction filter:-
Suction filter is one of the method to keep hydraulic oil clean.
During the machine movement, small particle or containmination will produce.
Suction is installed to filter the oil before entering the pump device.

6) Manual lubrication :-
For injection unit , there are some point we need to provide lubrication, e.g. linear guide rail, bearing housing etc. Manual hand pump in easy access location is a good solution for this kind of non-frequent lubrication requirement, customer only need to refill the lubrication container with suitable lubrication grease, it is standard for machine 320 ton and upward

7) Automatic lubrication :-
For clamping unit, there are many points we need to provide lubrication e.g. toggle pin, toggle bushing, guide rod, platen bushing etc.
Automatic lubrication pump is a common way to do it in fully automatic manner at a predefined cycle interval.
The dosing frequent could be set on the machine controller screen. Normally, lubrication oil will be used and the system itself will monitor the oil level and will give alarm when lubrication oil container need to be refilled.

8) Lubrication dosing unit:-
The dosing unit is a self-metering dosing unit, it will inject fix amount of lubrication oil precise to the lubrication point precision during each working cycle.

9) Purge cover and barrel cover:-
Purge cover are protective gurading to prevent risk of hot resin splashing risk and barrel cover is a protective measure to prevent high temperature risk of hot barrel/heater surface that will result in serious burning risk to operator.

10) Movable platen support:-
The support is made of cast iron that is a good mating part on a moving surface.
The supporting surface is made of high strength hardening steel ribbon plate that provide a good slice and moving low friction contact.
The support is also supply will automatic lubrication that is free of maintenance in normal daily use.

11) Mold cooling water battery:-
This is the simple mold cooling water battery with easy to use on/off valve.
For a upgrade version, the water battery will come with regulatory valve knob to adjust the flow and a flow meter to indicate the flow rate of each cooling channel.

12) Emergency stop:-
Emergency stop is provided one each on operator side (OS) and non operator side (NOS), this provide a quick and effective to stop the machine movement in case of emergency.
This emergency is integrated with a electrical safety module and will cut the motor power when pushing.

13) Injection unit adjustment:-
Fine adjustment device is provide for injection unit nozzle centering for perfect working condition, two adjustment nut (bolt head) are used to adjust the unit vertically and horizontally with less effort.

14) Core pulling:-
Core pulling can be found on the side on the moving and stationary platen, there are combination to fit the molding application requirement.

15) Automatic mold height adjustment:-
The transmission is done by hydraulic and large adjustment gear, automatic adjustment algorithm leave this process a piece of cake.
Just set up the clamping pressure and press the start button on the screen in mold setup mode, the mechanism will complete the mold height adjustment automatically within the shortest time.
Operator need only to check and low pressure mold protection position to finalize the setting

16) Ejector:-
Ejector is a commonly use part take out measure with knock out pin.
The distance is controller by linear transduce with ejector return confirmation.
The common use multiple ejection, rattling ejection, ejector holding mode are available.
Fast coupling ejector device is available upon request.

17) Clamping unit:-
Toggle clamp unit with high rigidity proven by Finite Element Analysis.

18) Gurading, outlook and safety:-
Product chute is provided with photo cell for product collection, complete enclosure for machine moving parts to provide high degree of safety.

19) Servo drive:-
Servo drive is the brain of the servo motor, who consists of power electronics the IGBT module and the control circuit.

20) Machine base contruction:-
Machine base is in a box like steel structure, sand blasting and vibration process to clean and reduce the internal stress is a standard process that gurantee a stable base for the entire injection molding machine.

LK Machinery has manufacturing factories in China, Taiwan, Italy and India

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