For Sale - PCM - 4807 - NON IBC Type High Performance Three Layer Blown Film Plant


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PCM - 4807


NON IBC Type High Performance Three Layer Blown Film Plant

Product Details

Non IBC Bottom Support Horizontal Oscillating Haul-Off

Final Product:- LDPE / LLDPE
Material Used:- LDPE, LLDPE Virgin Raw Material
Output Range:- 200 - 330 Kg/Hr (Depends On Extrusder's Size)
Film Layer:- Three Layer
Screw Diameter:- 45 / 55 / 65 MM (Customized)
Screw L/D:- 30:1 (Customized)
Layflat Width:- 800 - 2100 MM
Micron Thickness:- 20 - 200

Optional Devices:
Hopper Loader, Air Chiller,
Corona Treater,
Bi-Metalic Screw & Barrel Set,
Water Chiller, Heat Exchanger,
Fully Automatic Winder,
Hydraulic Unloading,
Gravimetric Dosing System,
Main Panel Air Condition

1) NON IBC SE3HR 1450
Screw Diameter : 45 / 55 / 45 mm
Layflat Width : 800-1350 mm
Max. Output : 200 kg/hr
Thickness : 20-150 mm

2) NON IBC SE3HR 1800
Screw Diameter : 55 / 65 / 55 mm
Layflat Width : 900-1700 mm
Max. Output : 250-270 kg/hr
Thickness : 20-200 mm

3) NON IBC SE3HR 2200
Screw Diameter : 65 / 65 / 65 mm
Layflat Width : 1500-2100 mm
Max. Output : 330 kg/hr
Thickness : 20-200 mm

Three layer blown film process is extrusion process in which raw polymer like LL-LDPE & LDPE feed into the hopper that is mounted on all three screw and barrels.
This raw material will be granule form which will convey by the screw passing through different zones of barrel.
There are heaters that give heating to the barrel and when these granules will pass through these heating zones it start melting and rotating screw will mix the polymer homogeneously.

This melted polymer will pass through the die and came out from the die lip.
Chilled air through water chiller and heat exchanger will be flow on outer side of the bubble and make it cool.
Necessary air should be injected in the Parison to create bubble.

This bubble will be pulled-up by take-off and then winder nip will pull this tube forward. Tubing will be slitted form both the side and convert tubing into film form.
First winder will wind one film and second winder will wind second side film.

Corona treatment is required if job is supposed to be printed on.
Corona Treater (Equipment that makes this treatment) will be mounted next to take-off and film will pass through this treater and then went into the winder nip.

When roll on both the winder get wound up to certain level, it should be dismounted and need to bring on next level process.

Ready roll produced from the thee layer blown film plant will be mounted on printing machine.
Depending upon the number of colors, printing machine will make print over the film and printed roll will get ready on end of the machine.

Cutting & sealing machine
These printed rolls will set on cutting and sealing machine that will cut the film from bottom and sealing device will seal it from bottom and side. Thereafter, job is ready to use.

Automatic Cooling Air Ring:
The air ring is divided into multiple chambers. Every chamber of the valve is controlled by step motor.
It is connected with the monitoring software. The data is adjustable according to the thickness measurement system.
When thickness is bigger than the set one, the motor will reduce the airflow into the corresponding parts to diminish the thickness of the film. In the same sense, when thickness is smaller than the set one, the motor will intensify the airflow into the corresponding parts to increase the thickness of the film.

Salient features & advantages

Layflat range 800 -2100 mm with maximum output 330 kg/hr

Produce different range of film from our wide range of machine models
Taper lock die head mechanism provide uniform gap layer to layer

Minimum gauge variation even at higher output
Film thickness range 20-200 microns

Produce thinner & thicker film from same blown film plant
Grooved feed barrier screw with l/d ratio 30:1

Better homogeneous mixing and melting of polymer
Scissor type calibration cage with motorized open/closed & up/down

Easy to operate at different layflat size & very good bubble control
All melt flow surface polished to finish of 6-8 rms & plated

Avoid degradation of melt & get best optical property of film in long run
Die head fabricated from Japanese steel pre-hardened & stress relieved

Prevent warping of die parts during heating & cooling
Fully auto winder with plc & touch screen

It can handle bigger diameter of roll up to 800 mm, easy change over due to auto splice

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