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PCM - 4823


Tape Stretching Lines

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Lohia Corp Limited offers a comprehensive range of tape extrusion lines for producing high quality PP/HDPE tapes for a wide range of applications, such as – woven & knitted bags, jumbo bags - i.e. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), carpet backings, tarpaulins, geo textiles, agro textiles, wrapping fabrics, ropes and twines.

Our high speed tape stretching lines incorporate state-of-the-art technology and are calibrated to meet the highest international standards of performance and quality output.
They are manufactured using the modular construction principle which offers flexibility for tailored adaptations for current needs as well for future expansions.

Backed by over three decades of design and production experience, these machines are built for maximum efficiency and promise higher profitability through minimum raw material and energy wastage.

Our tape extrusion lines come in two distinct series, Lorex & duotec.
The Lorex series is based on the conventional single stage stretching system while the duotec series uses a unique double stage stretching system.

Duotec series:-
Lohia’s duotec series of tape extrusion lines are a result of progressive R&D coupled with years of experience and represents a distinctive innovation for the Raffia Industry.

The process involves a unique double stage stretching in which the tapes undergo a pre-stretch before entering the hot air oven for the final stretch, resulting in better runability and flexibility to improve any one or a mix of factors such as working speed, efficiency, process stability and tape properties.

Higher Working Speed
Better Process Stability
Low Denier Variation
Low Maintenance Cost

Lorex series:-
Lohia’s Lorex series of tape extrusion lines are based on the conventional single stage stretching process and have been serving the Raffia Industry for over three decades.
The technology has been perfected over time and today these machines have set the benchmark for efficiency and performance.

High working speeds
Low energy consumption
Low denier variation
Low maintenance cost

Latest innovative technology which enables production of composite multilayer laminar structured slit film tapes by feeding two melt streams from two different extruders to a feed block where they merge into a single laminar structure.

Three Layer Structure
Cost Effective – Material Recipe
Engineered Targeted Performance
Colour Customization

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