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PR - 1765


Artificial Grass



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Our instant lawns provides the right solution to your landscaping problems. It breathes life into the aesthetics of every landscape.
Made from advanced polymer technology and developed in Japan, Our lawns give you the benefits of a lawn, without any hassles. No mowing, watering or weeding. It offers you the luxury of beautiful green grass that looks natural, feels natural and stays green right through the year. Its green colour gives a very soothing effect.
Irrespective of the surface-concrete, paved or natural our lawns is easy to install to fit any shape or contour. Indoors or outdoors, just roll out on any surface for quick installation.

Easy to install - Whatever be the surface-concrete or paved-out lawns takes the shape of your imagination. Just cut it to any shape and fix it with Velcro, U-nails or common adhesives and it'll fit any slope, any contour.

All-weather friendly - Our lawn has a dual advantage. Firstly, on concrete it can be pasted easily. Secondly, it can be laid directly on soil.

Easy to clean - Sweep it, mop it, wash it or use the vacuum cleaner, our lawns regains its fresh, clean look easily.

Easy to lay, Zero maintenance, Lasts long, Usage throughout the year, Made with state-of-the-art technology, Indoor / Outdoor usage, Aesthetically appealing, Resembles natural grass

- Material: Synthetic resin
- Width: 1 meter
- Length: 10/20 meter roll
- Colors: Forest green / Natural grass colour
- Underlay: Reinforced net and non-woven cloth backing

Applications: Amusement parks, Water parks, Terrace gardens, Driveways and Sidewalks, Clubs, Balconies & Porches, Sports complexes.