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PR - 1678


Baby Feeding Bottles



Product Details

- Our baby feeding bottles are manufactured from superior quality polycarbonate imported from Bayer AG, Germany.
- We also make feeding bottles from superior quality Random copolymer (Polypropylene) which contains special clarifying agent for clarity. These bottles are made by stretch blow moulding process which enables smooth finishing of the bottles particularly the neck portion. Our bottles are strong and odourless. Also the manufacturing process takes place in completely hygienic condition and the bottles conform to international standards.
- The nipples are made form Silicone Rubber from Bayer AG, Germany. Liquid Silicone Rubber Nipple is the latest innovation in the industry which gives more safety and durability than the Latex / Rubber nipples. Our latest introduction is X and Y laser cut Nipple for feeding liquids having different density. This will enable free flow of the liquid of different density and help to avoid inconvenience to the child.