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Bakery Bags & Films



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Films for Bulk Bakery:
We manufacture co-extruded films to bulk bun bakers. Our films are cheaper than cast films and offer increased shelf life, productivity, and profitability.

Shelf Life:
Co-extrusions, designed to provide lower moisture vapor transmission rates than possible with cast films, allow bakery products to retain freshness longer. Our flexibility in manufacturing allows for custom specifications to meet the individual bakery's MVTR requirements.

A broad heat sealing range, inherent in our bakery film, compensates for sealing temperature inconsistencies that slow down production. The melt index of co-extruded films leads to less material build up on sealing blades. Therefore, sealing knives need fewer cleanings and replacements, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs.

Blown co-extrusions offer substantial savings in bulk bun packaging by utilizing less expensive resins that extend freshness, a more economical film production process, and stronger materials in thinner gauges to increase yield.

Industry Commitment:
As a primary supplier of co-extruded films for the bulk bun market, our company searches out new film manufacturers to increase capacity for this highly sought after material. Thus, we can better serve our customers with a superior film and flexible lead times.

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