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PR - 1090


Bobbins for textile industry


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Product Details

We have produced accessories for the textile industry. Today the range of our products includes approximately 1000 items, designed for all yarn processing phases: preparation for spinning (ring, open-end, self-acting), twisting, winding and package dyeing.

As a future-oriented enterprise we are conscious of our responsibility towards the environment and the protection of our resources. We are manufacturing our products with Plastic which is almost 100% recyclable.

The in-house disposal concept returns all scrap materials resulting from the manufacturing process to the production cycle.


We offer our customers a vast selection of products suitable for almost all the makes of textile machineries.

Our experience in the industry allowed us to produce a wide range of specific articles. According to the requirement of our customers we use a vast selection of raw materials, ranging from normal polypropylene, used mainly for the production of disposable yarn carriers to special material belonging to the family of high resistant engineering polymers.


We have a wide range of moulds for the production of straight bobbins and with different conicties. We can supply bobbins with height from 80mm. to 550mm.

Our products can be supplied with embossed, smooth surface, net cutted with groove for yarn reserve. Our products include:

1. Bobbins

2. Spinning Tubes

3. Cones

4. Cheese Tube

5. Plastic Bags & Rolls

6. Accessories