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PR - 2206


Cabin Air Filter Media



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Cabin Air Filters offer protection from outside air for you and your family. Cabin Air Filters stop allergens, dust, soot, and bacteria from entering your car. The filter medias available from Aim are capable of providing state of the art medias for the application.

Cabin Air Filter Media Facts
- Most cabin air filter replacement services take less than 15 minutes.
- A cabin air filter is made with synthetic micro fiber Non wovens as the filtering media and turned into a pleated form for maximum filtration. The cabin air filter protects car passengers from pollen, spores and bacteria, and other airborne contaminants. In addition, combi cabin air filters are impregnated with activated charcoal to eliminate outside orders from entering the cars passenger compartment.
- The cabin air filters aids in the operation of a vehicles heating, venting, and air conditioning systems by keeping them free from contaminations.

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