For Sale - PR - 1568 - closed-cell, PE foam Blocks


Reference Numbers

PR - 1568


closed-cell, PE foam Blocks



Product Details

Chemically Cross Linked Foam Blocks (molded)

We offer:
- A wide spectrum of densities and colors
- Fine, uniform, closed-cell structure
- Pleasant texture and attractive appearance
- Mechanical and elastic stability
- High resistance to wear to tear
- Temperature resistance between -60 degree Celsius and +100 degree Celsius
- Friendly contact with skin, non-toxic (approved for medical industry)
- Easy processing and transformation
- Compatibility with thermoforming, vacuum forming, milling (CNC), lamination, gluing, die-cutting, splitting
- Compatibility with a host of other material, such as other foams, films other polymers, textiles, adhesives.

The following additives are available upon request:
PA- -small cells
PB- -large cells
PS- -Foam Soft
FR- Fire Retardant
CD- Conductive
AS- Anti-Static
EV- Copolymer EVA