For Sale - PR - 1617 - Cross Linked PE Sheets (Closed Cell Structure)


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PR - 1617


Cross Linked PE Sheets (Closed Cell Structure)



Product Details

We are manufacturer of cross-linked polyethylene sheet of closed cell structure. Its unique high-density profile offers the multiple benefits of exceptional resilience, compression strength and impact resistance besides excellent elasticity, elongation fat break and tear resistance.

Our sheets are also hygienic, non-toxic, non-polluting and CFC-free. It is resistant to moisture, fungi and chemicals. Vibration absorbent. And abrasion proof.

The closed cell structure simultaneously ensures extremely low thermal conductivity, virtually negligible water absorption and transmission, and a high level of buoyancy.

Though a cross-linked material, the PE sheets can be easily thermoformed by either vacuum or compression techniques. In addition, it can be conveniently sliced, slit, perforated, die-cut, laminated and embossed.


- For example, its exceptional toughness and impact resistance makes it the ideal material for protective sports gear like pads and gloves, life jackets and trekking rolls.

- For the same reasons, our sheets are already being used extensively in the footwear industry, for components like insoles, socks and collars. For gaskets and helmet lining in; the automobile industry. And for footmats, bathroom mats, double-sided adhesive tapes and other such consumer items.

- Its combination of resilience, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, elasticity and shock absorption also qualifies the sheet for demanding military applications. It is suited to such diverse used as packing of ammunition, missiles and radar equipment, helmet lining, and materials for protection against extreme temperatures.

The cross linked PE sheet has the unique capability of supporting up to 18 times its own weight. This gives it exceptional buoyancy, and makes it ideal for different marine-linked applications fishing net floats, boat fenders, floating hose, even swimming pool floating mats.

- medical equipment industry for shockproof packing of ECG machines, orthopedic tools and vaccines.
- Manufacture of hygienic, non-toxic artificial limb components requiring prolonged touch of the human skin
- Production of highly sensitive, vibration absorbing ECG sensor knobs.