For Sale - PR - 1139 - Crosslinked EVA Foam/ Polyethylene foam (XLPE)


Reference Numbers

PR - 1139


Crosslinked EVA Foam/ Polyethylene foam (XLPE)



Product Details

We manufacture crosslinked EVA Foam and Polyethylene (PE) foam in buns in many different grades having different hardness, density and other physical properties. Our specialty lies in supplying EVA foam or PE foam exactly as per customer's requirement and specifications.

Crosslinked sheets of EVA Foam / Polyethylene foam manufactured by us has the following characteristics:

(a) Low Compression set .

(b) Highly resilient .

(c) Smooth surface .

(d) Available in different thickness, density, hardness, colours.

(e) Inert to most of the toxic chemicals and oils.

(f) Excellent thermal insulation.

(g) Available in laminated, die-cut, embossed, thermoformed, skieved and slitted form .