For Sale - PR - 1517 - Customized 7 layer film for barrier properties


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PR - 1517


Customized 7 layer film for barrier properties



Product Details

We provide tailored multilayer barrier films to preserve the taste, aroma, flavour, colour, texture and integrity of your edible products.
Nothing can match the retention power of our 7-layer Nylon EVOH based high barrier film.
This high strength flexible packaging film provides the perfect barrier properties against oxygen and moisture, thereby protecting the product’s hygienic and edible qualities and ensuring a longer shelf life.

Little wonder that for locking in the freshness of their products, most leading brands prefer our barrier films.

Our 7 layer films offer extremely high gas & moisture barrier properties.
Excellent aroma retention power
Low OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) for an increased shelf life.
Excellent heat seal-ability.
Higher burst strength and puncture resistance
Higher temperature tolerance (-300 to 1500 C) without distortion

Our multilayer barrier films are Suitable to pack Edible Oil & Ghee, Dairy & Marine Products Processed, snack & Ready-to-Eat Foods Dry Fruits, Spices & pulses Tea, Coffee & Aromatic Products Hot & Frozen Foods Pharmaceutical, Medical & Hygiene Products Pickle, Pulp & Puree, Rice, Cereals & Pasta Detergents & Cosmetics Vacuum Packaged Products

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