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Dielectric Films

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BIAX Dielectric Films are specially designed polypropylene films manufactured by the tenter process on highly specialized equipment in controlled environmental & ultra clean room conditions for a wide range of applications in the capacitors industry.
- Biax Dielectric films range includes plain smooth films modified for good metallization and winding hazy/ rough films and metalized (Al, Zn or alloy) films.

Specifications and Characteristics:
- Thickness: 6 micron to 15 microns lower with thickness upto 4 micron under development
- Width: As per requirements
- Surface: Smooth/plain (modified for improved winding) Hazy /rough films (under trials)
- Treatment: As required (inside or outside)
- Metallisable
- Excellent thickness profile
- High breakdown voltage
- High mechanical strength
- Low dissipation factor
- High insulation resistance
- High operating temperature
- Close definition of surface for good winding
- Based on High purity, special PP resins (ultra low ash content)

Application areas include:
- Power Transmission & Distribution Capacitors
- Motor Run Capacitors
- Power Film/Electronic Capacitors
- Magnetic Lighting Ballast Capacitors
- Microwave Oven Capacitors
- Low Voltage industrial Power Factor Correction Capacitors
- AC and Pulse Film Capacitors
- Interference Suppression Capacitors
- Energy Storage applications
- Capacitors for hybrid cars

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